DoT and DoH clients

DNS security is a big part of Internet security, and encrypting the communication between the computers and resolvers is a big part of that. Built multiple tools to test DNS encryption and to serve DNS encryption from your server.

DNS over TLS (DoT)
Client code is available on Github:

Command line tool to connect to a DoT server:

$ php dnstls.php quad9 AAAA has IPv6 address 2a02:fe80:1010::16

DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
Client code is on Github:

And the command line tool to test is as easy as the DoT one:

$php doh-php-client.php cloudflare has address has address

Aren't your a C developer? Why PHP, you may ask? Well, why not PHP? PHP 7+ became pretty good and you can easily run it on most web servers that come with PHP by default.

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