OSSEC v1.5 released

We are very happy to announce the availability of OSSEC version 1.5

This version comes with lots of bug fixes and new features, including:

  1. New log format for Solaris BSM auditing logs
  2. New rules for Asterisk logs
  3. New rules for Checkpoint and Smart Defense logs
  4. New rules for Postfix SASL error messages
  5. Greek translation of the install.
  6. Added agent_control tool to manage the agents directly from the server
  7. Performance improvements to the Windows Agent, specially when dealing with large event logs.

And much more… Check the changelog to see all changes and contributors.

Download the new version from http://www.ossec.net/main/downloads

Special thanks to Martin West, Sebastien Tricaud, Giannis Vrentzos, Sandro Gauci, Michael Starks, Cedric Bleimling, Dean Takemori and Dennis Golden for the contributions and John Lewis, Daniel Medianero, John Ives and Derek Morris for beta testing this release.

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