Decentralize the web - again

We are giving too much control and power to a few key Internet players. They are deciding the direction of the current protocols, what you can say and what you can do online.

It is way past the time to try to take it back.

If you think about it, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple are controlling almost everything we do online.

Let's take it back

Taking it back is not easy, but we can try. Personally, I am trying to do my part by hosting Mastodon instances, Matrix servers and running my own DNS/email server. What can you do?

-Host your own mail server. Yes, try it. Control your domain.
-Host your own Matrix homeserver. Stop using Whatsapp.
-Host your own Mastodon instance. Instead of Twitter.
-Host your own DNS server. I run CleanBrowsing, which anyone can use, but anything is better than being stuck with and
-Host your own site.

I know they all take time and resources, but if you have the skill, do it. I will gladly help anyone looking to run the "Big tech" alternatives.

Posted in   thoughts     by Daniel Cid (dcid)

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