CleanBrowsing Anycast Network is Growing

CleanBrowsing runs on a provider-diverse anycast network - to provide good performance worldwide and improve our reliability. Our primary and secondary DNS servers run on diverse networks to try to keep our 100% uptime that we had since we launched.

And to keep up with demand, we are now on 4 additional cities:

-New Orleans (USA)
-Phoenix (USA)
-Mexico City (MX)
-Stockholm (SE)

With more to come - as always. If you use CleanBrowsing on those regions, please test to make sure you are being routed properly. A good way to test is with dig (or nslookup):

$ nslookup -type=txt text = "CleanBrowsing Whois: Datacenter: dns-edge-usa-west-la-v, Destination:, ClientIP: a.b.c.d"

It should give you our IP and where you are being routed to.

Posted in   cleanbrowsing     by Daniel Cid (dcid)

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