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I love building and breaking things.

Daniel B. Cid is the founder of CleanBrowsing , focused on helping parents, schools and businesses protect kids from adult content online. He is also the original founder of the open source OSSEC HIDS, founder/CTO of Sucuri ,, Trunc and former VP of Engineering for the security products division at GoDaddy. He is passionated about intrusion detection , log analysis, malware research and web/online security.

He is an active member of the open source and security community, specially known for creating the OSSEC HIDS (Intrusion detection system) and founding Sucuri & CleanBrowsing. He is also the co-writer of the Host-Based Intrusion Detection book.

In the past, he worked at Trend Micro, Q1Labs (now IBM), Sourcefire (now Cisco) and on his own ventures.

On June 2008, he sold his open source project OSSEC to Trend Micro, and joined Trend as the lead of OSSEC development.

On April 2017, he sold Sucuri to GoDaddy and joined the company as a VP of Engineering.

On 2020, he left GoDaddy and went back to his roots building interesting products - for fun and some profit. Often no profit.

Daniel Cid
Mammoth hot springs.

Connect with me

I am not the most social person, but I am on Twitter, Mastodon ( and a few more places.


For work-related tweets, you can follow my Twitter account: @danielcid.

I am the most active on Mastodon, on the instance that I manage. You can engage with me there:


Nobody really uses linkedin anymore, but I am there as well:

Active projects

After leaving a big corporation (GoDaddy), I decided to go back to what I love and just build things and solve problems.

That led to 3 main products that are keeping me busy all the time. CleanBrowsing, a DNS based content filter;, a CDN/WAF to protect and optimize web sites; and Trunc, a centralized log analysis and storage solution in the cloud.

You can read more about other smaller projects that I am involved here: Daniel project's page.

Interviews and Papers

Some interviews (mostly old) with me:

Old Conferences and papers

Old OSSEC Proud moments