2015-Dec-30 - OSSEC v2015-12: GeoIP + IntegratordΒΆ

I guess I didn’t keep my promise to push my OSSEC changes into the open source world as often as I would wanted.

Last one was 6 months ago, but at least I made up with some nice new features:

This release, includes:

Changes with 2015-12
-Feature: Added integratord
-Feature: Added slack and pagerduty support to integratord
-Feature: New signature for the Joomla RCE
-Bug fix: WordPress decoder to work with the latest plugin.
Changes with 2015-11
-Feature: Added GeoIP support by default
-Bug fix: Cleaned up noisy rules
-Bug fix: Segfault on reported when srcip filter was being used.

The big news is ossec-integratord and having GeoIP support by default on OSSEC.

You can download this release from: http://dcid.me/ossec

Full changelog: http://dcid.me/ossec-packages/CHANGELOG.txt

Hopefully we will get that merged into the official github fork (if time permits).


By Daniel B. Cid - Tags: ossec - Notes index.

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