Desinformation warfare

published Jan/2071

For the last few weeks many articles and news stories were published about the Chinese hacking quite a few USA government computers and stealing confidential/secret information.

Nothing really new. The Chinese have been hacking the USA, Russian, Australian (,etc) computers for years, but they are not the only to blame, since the US, Russia and all other countries have been doing the same for a long time.

Why is this news stories now? Richard Bejtlich pointed that it might be for political reasons, since sme USA agencies are looking for funding. What is the best way to get funding? By FUD of course.

Lies, lies and more lies?

But why would a country let the enemy know that they succeeded? Even worse, why would the US air force publish in their own site that the Chinese is the leader in cyber warfare?

“China emerges as leader in cyberwarfare”

It might be for another reason... One of the things that I learned from history is that governments use “desinformation warfare” to achieve their goals. My take is that the US gov (and intelligence agencies) want the Chinese to know (or think) that they succeeded hacking them.

They want them to think that they are winning.

Why? Maybe they inserted fake information for them to hack? Or added some type of tracking mechanism, not sure.

The Chinese were successful and now the US gov wants the Chinese to believe that they hacked real information. What’s the best way to make them believe so? Yes, tell the whole world about it..

Just my paranoic take on this.

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