Projects and Research

These are some of my latest projects and research I am working on. If you have any question about any of them, email me at

Sucuri WAF/CDN (2012-Present)

2012-Present - Work on a different type of WAF (managed security service for web sites). Some details here:

Sucuri Labs (2011-Present)

2011-Present, The goal of the Malware Labs is to share the latest malware samples and domains we are seeing in the wild. We process and parse thousands of compromised and malicious domains every day. It also has links to our latest notes:

Sucuri Malware Labs

CleanBrowsing (2017-Present)

2017-Present - DNS-based Internet Filter to restrict access to adult content and malicious domains.

PHP Decoder (2012-Present)

2012-Present - We see many types of PHP malware in the wild and we built a PHP decoder to help users decode some of them online (still in beta, but already very useful):

PHP Decoder

Sitecheck Scanner (2008-Present)

2008-Present, The sitecheck scanner was an experimental work developed between 2008/2009 to try to identify anomaly on web sites. This research lead to the creation of Sucuri and our free scanner that is widely used with millions of scans done per month:

Sitecheck Scanner

Old Projects

Some of my old (open source) projects that I am not actively involved anymore.

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