2015-Jan-10 - Focusing on your Business CultureΒΆ

A common trend among startups lately is the talk about culture: “We are focusing on our people and on our culture”.

Let me start by saying what culture is not.

Culture is not something that can be forced down on your company. Culture is not something you are “working on” or “focused” on for a while.

Culture is simply a combination and the result on how the majority of the people act within an environment. In fact, within a new company, the culture is defined in the very early days and is based on how the initial founders act and treat each other. That leaks to the first hires as they help define the fulture of the business. After that, the ball is rolling and you will keep hiring based on that.

To remind you: Your culture is how you act and treat the others. Not what you say your culture is.

Changing culture is very very hard and take a lot of firing/hiring, specially at the top.

If you are starting a business, treat others the way you want them to treat yourself and the rest of your team. That defines the path for a successful and happy culture.

If you have business already and you want to improve your culture. Start by changing how you act, and little by little, you may, if you are lucky, start to notice the difference.

By Daniel B. Cid - Tags: business - Notes index.

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