2015-Apr-17 - OSSEC v2015-04: Updates to agent-control and small fixesΒΆ

Been a while since I have pushed my latest OSSEC changes into the open source world. I will try to do that more often from now on.

This release (unoficial), includes:

Changes with 2015-04
-Feature: Added syslog-sources to agent control
-Bug fix: Cleaned up storage format from ossec decoder.
-Bug fix: Broken memory management on the ossec decoder.
-Bug fix: Removing noisy/useless web-based rules.

A few cleanups and one nice feature if you use syslog and want to see the syslog clients via agent-control.

You can download this release from: http://dcid.me/ossec

Full changelog: http://dcid.me/ossec-packages/CHANGELOG.txt

Hopefully we will get that merged into the official github fork (if time permits).


By Daniel B. Cid - Tags: ossec - Notes index.

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