2014-Sep-03 - Shoudn’t Security Set you Free?

What comes to your mind when you think of security? Is it fences? Locks? Walls? Cages?

If you search on Google for it, these would be the first hits.

Traditionaly, security has always been about protecting a very important asset from the outside world.

However, security shouldn’t be about locking the innocent and letting the evil run free. It should actually be the oppositive. Security should allow the good to be free, while keeping the bad guys locked.

However, is that even possible in our online world?

Security failure

Every time you put a baby in a bubble, you take away his freedom. And sooner rather than later, he will be trying to pop the bubble to run free.

I do not have a good answer or solution for that, but I do know that Intrusive security will fail.

I do know that security that does not addapt to the user’s behaviour, will fail.

I also know that without freedom, security already failed.

By Daniel B. Cid - Tags: sec - Notes index.

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