First of all, Intrusion Detection is the process or techniques used to detect attacks on a specific network, system or application. Most intrusion detection tools not only detect attacks, but also software misuse, policy violations and other forms of inappropriate activities.

A Host-based IDS performs intrusion detection from within the systems you want to protect. Some of these tools perform log analysis, others spyware detection, while others perform virus detection.

LIDS (Log-based intrusion detection systems) is just a fancy term for tools that perform security log analysis (specified above). It’s goal is to detect misuse (or attacks) using logs as the primary source of information. It is not a replacement for NIDS (Network-based IDS) or any other security solution, but an addition to them.
Sucuri is a security company founded by Daniel B. Cid and focused on web site security monitoring and remediation.
OSSEC is an open source project founded by Daniel B. Cid on 2004. It was lately sold to Trend Micro in 2008 as the first open source security project acquisition by a big corporation.

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