OSSEC v2.6 is out!

OSSEC v2.6 was just released (finally :)) and you can get more details here: http://www.ossec.net/main/ossec-v2-6-released

We are very happy to announce the availability of OSSEC version 2.6.

This has been a long release cycle, but it is here now with some good new features and very stable (thanks to our beta users). Our manual for the new version is also live at http://www.ossec.net/doc/.



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3 Responses to OSSEC v2.6 is out!

  1. Z says:

    How i can get Windows Agent sources? Where is you repo?

  2. Rovy says:

    how to installing ossec hids for windows Xp

  3. Jan says:

    HI, Daniel,
    “There is an issue compiling on Mac OS X “Lion” using XCode 4.1.
    When making os_crypto:
    sha_locl.h:261: error: unsupported inline asm: input constraint with a
    matching output constraint of incompatible type!”

    Help, Me! Please

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