OSSEC 2.6 beta-1 available

This has been a long release cycle, but OSSEC 2.6 BETA1 is now available. Helping us out testing the beta version is a great way to contribute back to the project and the best way to get started on it.

How to test the BETA?

Download it from here:

And install on as many systems as you can. Make sure that the upgrade/install process is working without errors and that everything that was working before still it. If everything works (or you see any error), post in the comments section in here, send to the mailing list or privately to us (dcid@ossec.net).

Testing the new features

In addition to making sure everything still works, you can try some of the new features (full list here):

Plus a bunch of bug fixes… Let us know how it goes.

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7 Responses to OSSEC 2.6 beta-1 available

  1. Chris says:


    Thanks for the great work on Ossec. Sometime ago, I had reported a bug on reportd. The link to the discussion is here http://groups.google.com/group/ossec-list/browse_thread/thread/d235453eda6cbde9/0f230559a762871a?lnk=gst&q=how+to+get+full+log+dump#0f230559a762871a

    In the latest sources, the line that has been added sets the variable “show_alerts” to 0 (disables full log output). If possible, could you set it to 1 by default, or provide a command line option toggle it.


    • Chris says:

      Sorry, pls ignore this comment. I just saw that reportd has a command line option to toggle it. Thanks again for the great work on ossec.

  2. Kat says:

    I don’t see how to report bugs/issues for the beta?

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  4. The Windows installer needs the version updated…

  5. Daniel

    OSSEC looks very promising. I was looking for Intrusion detection solutions and found this blog. Can you please direct me to installation of the manager on a Windows Server 2008 system? Thank you in advance.



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