OSSEC Award daemon

I just got that via the mail today:


If you can’t see well from the image, it is a beautiful plaque from the OSSEC community (Michael Starks, I know it was your idea :)) and it says (in the OSSEC alert format):

OSSEC HIDS Notification
2010 Oct 20 15:10:04
Received from: ossec-community->/var/log/community.log
Rule: 1000000 (Level: 15) -> “A sincere thanks”
Portion of the log(s):

Oct 20 15:10:04 allhosts ossec-awardd[423]: To: Daniel Cid. From: OSSEC Community. Thank you for your tireless devotion to making our digital world a safer place.


It was the last think I was expecting and It meant a lot to me, thanks! This week of OSSEC is getting better each day :)

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