OSSC v2.5.1 released

Early this week we pushed OSSEC v2.5.1 out, but forgot to mention here in the blog. If you had issues with v2.5, you can download the new version here: http://www.ossec.net/main/downloads/

Some of the things we fixed/added:

-Logcollector crashing when using some globs.
-Logcollector crashing with the alias command monitoring.
-Analysisd crashing with report_changes enabled + local ignore rules.
-Some Windows rules were not matching properly.
-Added no_ar option to the rules (by Jeremy Rossi and Scott at atomicrocketturtle.com)
-Docs fixed by Michael Starks.

Also, if you are having issues with HPUX, try this snapshot where we fixed it: http://www.ossec.net/files/snapshots/ossec-hids-101014.tar.gz
(didn’t get included on v2.5.1).

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