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OSSEC v2.2 beta1 available

OSSEC v2.2 will be released soon and we need help beta testing it. The code is pretty stable already and have been through a series of internal testings. So, if you have a spare system or can install it on … Continue reading

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WordPress to Syslog

WPsyslog2 is a global log plugin for WordPress. It keeps track of all system events and log them to syslog. It tracks events such as new posts, new profiles, new users, failed logins, logins, logouts, etc. It also tracks the … Continue reading

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Q&A: OSSEC, the open source host-based intrusion detection system

Mirko Zorz from Help Net Security did an interview with me regarding OSSEC, how it was created, evolved, etc. Link to the interview: Daniel B. Cid is the founder of the open source OSSEC HIDS and a principal researcher … Continue reading

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Introducing OSSEC

Michael Starks published a very interesting blog post on why he uses OSSEC. Surprisingly, I was getting much more useful information from OSSEC than I did from the commercial HIDs. What OSSEC lacked in presentation, it far made up for … Continue reading

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OSSEC v2.1.1 released

Yes, I have been neglecting my own blog for a while… Anyway, just in case you missed the announcement, about a month ago, we released v2.1.1. Link: We are pleased to announce the general availability of OSSEC version 2.1. … Continue reading

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