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For those looking to install OSSEC on the OLPC (One Laptop per Child), I was able to do it without major issues. Their system is based on the Fedora 7, so I just had to install make, gcc and the … Continue reading

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Sending OSSEC alerts via syslog

This is a feature that was constantly asked and just now I was able to include it. Basically, it allows you to send the OSSEC alerts to one or more syslog servers (granularly). First, make sure to get the latest … Continue reading

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OSSEC on Microsoft Vista/Server 2008

I just finished adding support for Vista/Server 2008 on OSSEC. We had some server(manager)-side changes to understand the new events ids and lots of changes on the agent side. If you have any Vista or Server 2008, please help us … Continue reading

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CIS benchmark tests

We just included support in the OSSEC Policy monitor to audit if a system is in compliance with the CIS Security Benchmarks (as of right now, only RHEL2-5, Fedora 1-5 and Debian/Ubuntu are supported – the other versions will be … Continue reading

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Testing OSSEC rules

When you are troubleshooting OSSEC or trying to write new rules/decoders, the first problem most people have is how to test them. In the past, it would require manually restarting or creating a testing installation for it, but as from … Continue reading

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OSSEC v1.5.1 released

A bit of late news, but OSSEC version 1.5.1 was released last week. More information at

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