v1.5 preview – agent_control

Version 1.5 will come with a new utility binary, called agent_control (by default located at /var/ossec/bin/agent_control ).

Basically, it allows you to query and get information from any agent you have configured on your server and it also allows you to restart (run now) the syscheck/rootcheck scan on any agent.

How it works? The first interesting command is “-lc”, to list the connected (active agents). To list all of them, use “-l” only.

Example 1: Listing all active agents:

# /var/ossec/bin/agent_control -lc
OSSEC HIDS agent_control. List of available agents:
ID: 000, Name: enigma.ossec.net (server), IP:, Active/Local
ID: 002, Name: winhome, IP:, Active
ID: 005, Name: jul, IP:, Active
ID: 165, Name: esqueleto2, IP:, Active
ID: 174, Name: lili3win, IP:, Active

To query an agent, just use the “-i” option followed by the agent id.

Example 2: Querying information from agent 002:

# /var/ossec/bin/agent_control -i 002

OSSEC HIDS agent_control. Agent information:
Agent ID: 002
Agent Name: winhome
IP address:
Status: Active

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Build 2600)
Client version: OSSEC HIDS v1.5-SNP-080412
Last keep alive: Fri Apr 25 14:33:03 2008

Syscheck last started at: Fri Apr 25 05:07:13 2008
Rootcheck last started at: Fri Apr 25 09:04:12 2008

To execute the syscheck/rootcheck scan immediately, use the “-r” option followed by the “-u” and the agent id.

Example 3: Executing syscheck and rootcheck scan immediately:

# /var/ossec/bin/agent_control -r -u 000

OSSEC HIDS agent_control: Restarting Syscheck/Rootcheck locally.

For more information, just run it with the “-h” option:

# /var/ossec/bin/agent_control -h

OSSEC HIDS agent_control: Control remote agents.
Available options:
-h This help message.
-l List available (active or not) agents.
-lc List active agents.
-i Extracts information from an agent.
-r -a Runs the integrity/rootkit checking on all agents now.
-r -u Runs the integrity/rootkit checking on one agent now.

-s Changed the output to CSV (comma delimited).

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