OSSEC Presentations at AusCERT/Confidence

During the month of May I went to AusCERT and Confidence to talk about OSSEC (i.e. Log analysis using OSSEC). On both presentations I mentioned LIDS (Log-Based intrusion detection), and provided an overview of the ossec architecture and how to write decoders and rules. If you want to learn a bit more about ossec, take a look at them.

**Note that both presentations are very similar, but the AusCERT one is a bit more organized, so recommended to be read first.

  • OSSEC at AusCERT (Log-based Intrusion detection using OSSEC).
  • OSSEC at Confidence (Log analysis using OSSEC).
  • Hope you enjoy!

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    2 Responses to OSSEC Presentations at AusCERT/Confidence

    1. Kasi Sama says:

      Very well written and nicely presented presentation. Puts you on track on understanding the rules and its flow.

      Keep up the good work Daniel.


    2. dcid says:

      Hi Kasi,

      Thanks for the nice words :)


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