Correlating multiple snort IDS with ossec

I was asked recently what is the best way to correlate multiple snort events with OSSEC. The idea would be to generate an ossec alert (by e-mail and possible an active response) if a specific number of snort rules are fired from the same source IP address (in any order)..

The easiest way to solve this is by creating a local ossec rule (inside local_rules.xml) to match if any of the desired snort signatures are fired:

<rule id=”100015″ level=”6″>
<description>Watched snort ids</description>

Note that 1:xx, 1:yy are the snort ids that you are interested to watch. We use the <if_sid> to make sure that this rule is only tested if it is an IDS event (see rule 20101).

Now, we create another ossec rule with a higher severity that will only be fired if the above rule (100015) is generated at least 4 times from the same source ip within 3 minutes (180 seconds):

<rule id=”100016″ frequency=”4″ level=”10″ timeframe=”180″>
<same_source_ip />
<description>Multiple snort alerts with the watched ids</description>

This idea can be extended to any other log format that you want to monitor. The following entry in the ossec wiki has some information too: Ignoring rules.

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